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Accepted health insurance plans

We accept most major health insurance plans.

Please bring your insurance card to each visit. This helps us check your coverage and keep our records updated. It also helps us send claims to your insurance company.  

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We accept several health insurance plans, as shown below. Please note that plans pay for things in different ways. For example, some insurance companies might pay for visits and lab tests, while others may not. To learn more, call your insurance company.

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Health insurance plans we accept


If you have a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan, make sure your doctor is in our network. To find out, call your health insurance company and give them our tax ID number: 95-3088615. 

If your doctor isn’t in our network, you will pay out-of-network prices in addition to a copay.

Utilization management

Decisions about the care we provide is guided by our utilization management policy. We do not reward care health care professionals for denying coverage or care. Nor do we reward decisions that lead to underusing care. 

You or someone who can speak for you can get a copy of our utilization management guidelines. Contact us. 

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Helpful information about our services, medicine refills and more.

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Get important patient forms.

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